Feb 14, 2017

Elder’s Theatre Workshop For Senior Residents Of L&T South City

Vijji Chari & Vijay Padaki of Bangalore Little Theatre conducted an Elder's Theatre Workshop for senior residents of L&T Sout...
Jan 31, 2017

Talk on Elder’s Rights by Shiv Kumar

In order to spread awareness about elder's rights and fulfil his passion, Senior advocate & mediator Shiv Kumar gave a very i...
Jan 21, 2017

Elders of Brigade Millennium visit Mantri Primus

Silver Talkies organised a visit to Mantri Primus for members of Brigade Millennium Elders Forum.
Dec 06, 2016

Silver Event: Bird Watching At Lalbagh

Silver Talkies took a group of senior citizens birdwatching with avid birder Mr Subbarao Gopinath at Lalbagh recently.
Aug 04, 2016

Elder’s Theatre By Bangalore Little Theatre

We started August 2016 on a great note with Bangalore Little Theatre conducting an Elder's Theatre Workshop for members of Ni...
Apr 06, 2016

Rewiring Retirement

Retirement at work does not mean retirement from an active life. In fact quite the opposite! Find out how in our panel discus...
Mar 07, 2016

Silver Talkies Events: Qigong for 60+

A fitness special for senior citizens was conducted by Martial art expert Master Debabrata Dutta as part of Silver Talkies Ev...
Feb 16, 2016

Learn Qigong with Silver Talkies

Come experience Qigong, a traditional Chinese form of healing that uses slow coordinated movement, rhythmic breathing and med...
Jan 18, 2016

Free Talk on Making A Will for Senior Citizens

Did you know that Only 3.6% of people >55 yrs make their will in India? Making a will is not a difficult process, yet people ...
Dec 24, 2015

Kickstart your Second Career with our Workshop

Presenting the SECOND INNINGS TRANSITION PROGRAMME by Unfold in association with Silver Talkies on December 12, 2015. A great...

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