Age Does Not Matter When It Is About Celebrating World Cup, Showed This Octogenarian

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This World Cup season, never let your age be a bar in your celebration of cricket and India’s victory. Get inspiration from this octogenarian and prep up for a wonderful cricket season. Who says only younger people can have all the fun? 

87-year-old Charulata Patel who was photographed cheering for Team India at Edgbaston during the India-Bangladesh World Cup match early this week, has not just won the hearts of millions with her energy and enthusiasm but has also proved that age is just a number.

With the tri-colour painted on her cheeks, a tri-colour scarf around her neck and the national flag in hand, the octogenarian was seen blowing a bright yellow vuvuzela in support of the Indian cricket team. Her vibrant spirit has stormed the internet showing that grey hair does not stop anyone from having fun and enjoying life.

A crazy cricket fan, Patel said: “I have always been a huge cricket fan and for the last 20 years, I have been watching it on TV. My two children used to play cricket when they were young and I used to accompany them to the grounds. That’s how I became familiar with cricket and it became my favourite sport. Now that I am retired, I am lucky to get a chance to watch the match right from the field and I am thoroughly enjoying it.”

Recalling India’s World Cup win in 1983, she added: “I had been there to see Kapil Paji. Due to age I tend to forget most of my memories but I clearly remember that I was very proud of my country’s win and I danced to the victory. I am getting ready to dance to India’s win even this time.”

The 87-year-old wished the Indian cricket team all luck. “I am certain that even this time, India will win and make me proud. I am confident about these young boys and they will play remarkably well. All of them are like my children and being a mother to them, all I can do is trust them, encourage them and hope for the best.”

Indian captain Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, who scored a century, were seen expressing their gratitude towards the octogenarian Indian fan, hugging her and seeking her blessings.

Following the match, Kohli had tweeted: “Also would like to thank all our fans for all the love & support & especially Charulata Patel ji. She’s 87 and probably one of the most passionate & dedicated fans I’ve ever seen. Age is just a number, passion takes you leaps & bounds. With her blessings, on to the next one.”

In case you too are a passionate cricket fan and all set to be a part of the cricket fever this World Cup season, here are a few tips to make your match experience livelier.

Keep your devices ready: Put your tech skills to use. Before the match, make sure your devices are all set up. Check your cable connection, and if possible, subscribe to a high-definition service to watch a match with all sharper details. In case you are not supposed to skip your evening walk or exercise sessions, do not worry. Keep your mobile phones ready with adequate internet data pack for uninterrupted live streaming of the game.

Make food prep for match days smarter: It is not worth keeping yourself engaged in the kitchen or starve when the match is on. Hence, be a smart cook and prepare something tasty that won’t need much time to get cooked. Also, make some home-made fries or chips to munch on during the match. Keep some boiled raw mangoes ready for a relaxing glass of raw mango sharbat. This way, you will be able to avoid fast food and carbonated drinks that won’t keep your tummy happy.

Keep your jersey in hand: You may not be visiting the stadium for the match. So what? Keep your jersey ready to be put on. It gives a different thrill altogether. Dress up and cheer for Team India.

Set up for the final match party: In case India gets into finals, make sure to call friends, deck your house with flags and themed paper plates and more, get some vuvuzelas and shout out for India. Enjoy and get excited and celebrate the World Cup with friends and neighbours.

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