5 Tips To Keep Your Brain Active That You Must Know

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 September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day and we have Echoing Health Ageing, a social enterprise providing consultation, education, and home care support for people with dementia and their families providing us with its expert tips on keeping brain active. 

As time passes by, we enter another stage of life, more enriching than the previous one. Each stage brings its own milestones and as we grow old, we forget to take care of ourselves. However, there is nothing to worry as we have got a few tips to keep the brain active during these changes. Here are 5 ways that can help you keep your brain active.

Work out

This is one of the most basic things which one can do for their brain and the body. 30-minutes-long evening or morning walk inclusive of some stretching and meditative exercise. Walking daily can result in improved blood circulation to the brain and a healthy heart.


Being a member of different clubs or organization can uplift the mental well-being during old age, being involved in a social groups and community projects gives a sense of inclusion with the society. Meeting old friends or acquaintances can improve the happiness hormone in the body according to research. “The more social connections someone has, the better they are at preserving mental function and memory. Social interaction also helps memory as it helps your mood,”  highlights the research.

Do art

Researches have shown that doing art relaxes the mind, body and brain, which in turn promotes creativity and exploration. Doing art once a day can help in channelising emotions and feeling. Also, it can be a great exercise to focus on preserving your gross and fine motor skills.

Cognitive activities

Cognitive activities are those which challenges the brain to work and solve different problems using different skills. Activities such as puzzle, building block, maze, Sudoku, find the difference, vocabulary etc., come under cognitive activity. They help in restoring and preventing the loss of the skills you have already acquired throughout the course of life.

Find a hobby

Having a hobby during old age can really upgrade the experience of that stage of live. These hobbies could be anything such as singing, dancing, painting, traveling, reading, any sports, or something you couldn’t pursue when you were young. You can have multiple hobbies and focus on maintaining each one of them. Having a
hobby can also provide with sense of purpose or accomplishment during old age.

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September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day and observing the month of September as the Dementia month, Silver Talkies is covering various aspects of Dementia to make the readers aware of the condition. Click here for other related stories.

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