Age Is Never A Turn-Off To A Good Sex Life

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Sex among older adults is not a taboo and you must be aware of the amazing benefits an active sexual life can offer to your silver years.

Sex among older adults remains a taboo topic in India but studies are proving that it is certainly never a turn-off. Active sex life is possible even at an older age, shows a recent study. A latest Chennai-based study, called ‘Sexual Behaviour of the Ageing Population’, conducted for over a period of 10 years reveals that men and women belonging to the age bracket of 50 to 59 years get sexually intimate with their partners over 10 times a month. Not just that, about 71 per cent of men in this age bracket and 48 per cent of women said they were turned on by exposure to explicit sexual material.

While some tend to abstain from an active sex life as they grow older, doctors say it should not be so as a fulfilling sex life plays a vital role in keeping the older adults stress-free and prevent them from developing age-related depression.

Dr Suhasini Inamdar, consultant obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Motherhood Hospitals, Indiranagar says: “Those above 50 and more usually suffer from isolation, loneliness, stress, depression and anxiety which are not too good for their mental health. Having an active sex life helps them overcome all these issues, keeps them happier and gives them good mental health. Hence, older adults must not be restricted to only birthdays, anniversaries and special days for getting intimate with their partners but should enjoy the pleasure of intimacy more often.”

Benefits of having an active sexual life as you grow older

You get better sleep

While many above 50 suffer from insomnia and frequent night wakings and can hardly get adequate sleep at night, active sex life can come as a bonus. Arousal and orgasm release the cuddle hormone oxytocin and reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, thereby providing relief from stress, fear and anxiety and gifting a sound sleep at night. Having adequate sleep saves older adults from various age-related and lifestyle-related conditions and even reduces the risk of chronic conditions like dementia.

It slows down ageing and makes one look younger

Improved sexual drive plays an important role in maintaining youthfulness among older adults. That is possible because of the happy hormones released during intimacy that drives out the stress hormones and makes one feel more energetic and relaxed. Also, those with an active sexual life tend to maintain their appearance, have proper diet and exercise daily. A research conducted by the Royal Edinburgh Hospital showed that couples who have sex thrice a week look 10 years younger.

It can improve age-related concerns that result in a dip in sex drive

Most postmenopausal women suffer from genital dryness which may cause a lot of pain during intimacy. Having an active sex life can help women overcome this issue by enhancing blood flow to the genital part that helps to improve lubrication and elasticity of the tissues.

It lowers the risk of prostate cancer

Researchers have found that men belonging to the age bracket of 46 to 81 years having an active sex life are at a much-reduced risk of developing prostate cancer compared to those who do not. This is mainly because frequent ejaculation helps in flushing out carcinogenic secretions from the prostate which otherwise remains in the prostate and increases the risk of prostate cancer.

It strengthens relationships

A recent study has shown that a happy marriage can prevent the risk of developing dementia to a great extent. And intimacy with one’s partner after 50 can give a higher level of marital satisfaction. Cuddling, hugging and kissing can create better bonds between couples above 50, says a study conducted by the University of Chicago.

Tips to enhance sexual drive at an older age

Age, however, can result in a dip in sexual life, say experts.

With increasing age, the hormones dip down and as a result older adults may experience a drop in their sexual desire. This can be overcome in several ways, among which exercise is one of the best tools to increase sexual drive. This is because exercise releases endorphin, the feel-good hormone that increases energy and blood circulation in the pelvic and genital areas. Apart from exercise, age-related gynaecological issues like excessive white discharge, itching in the genital part, genital dryness, erectile dysfunction should also be taken care of. Hormone replacement therapy can be of great help to get rid of these concerns. Also, there are medications that can increase libido. However, one must always consult a doctor before taking such medicines as they may have side-effects and can impact other conditions like cholesterol and high blood pressure. Having an appropriate diet may help in enhancing sexual drive among the older adults,” says Dr Inamdar.

According to her, it is equally important to be socially active, overcome the existing taboo and talk openly about any kind of sexual problems to a doctor, friends, or a trustworthy family member in order to enjoy a fulfilling sexual life. She believes that age and age-related physical conditions should not prevent one from getting intimate and enjoying the pleasures of active sex life.

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