Apr 30, 2019

A Century Of Stories With Sundari Pai

Silver Talkies Social member Shakunthala Pai’s mother Sundari Pai is a beautiful 102. She ...
Nov 14, 2018

Bend It Like Dina, The Yoga Acharya You Need To Know About

Yoga Acharya Dina Khimasia, 60, thinks we are all as young as our mind and body is flexibl...
Sep 04, 2018

Meet our Supergirl: Reena Fernandes, 60

In our series of featuring inspiring super silvers, we are super kicked to feature our hig...
Feb 27, 2018

Tickling The Funny Bone With Veteran Cartoonist VG Narendra

Veteran cartoonist VG Narendra started the Indian Institute of Cartoonists in Bangalore to...
Dec 22, 2017

Valentine Ward Teaches Ballroom Dancing In Bangalore And Is On His Toes At 70+

Valentine Ward teaches ballroom dancing in Bangalore and has been the man behind teaching ...
Oct 27, 2017

On The Green Path: H.R. Jayaram

Meet lawyer turned organic farmer H.R. Jayaram, who believes in giving back to nature and ...

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