Feb 20, 2020

Bonding Among Generations: How The Young & Old Can Live Happily Together

Living with another generation under the same roof isn’t always easy but empathy, understa...
Sep 26, 2019

How Meal Delivery Services For Seniors Can Help

Cooking can sometimes become a chore in the older years and meal delivery services for sen...
Sep 24, 2019

How To Manage Stress & Challenges If You Are A Dementia Caregiver

Being a caregiver to someone with a progressive degenerative disorder like Dementia is cha...
Jul 29, 2019

Is Caregiving Mainly A Woman’s Job?

Caregiving across the world is largely a woman's job, show most studies. What are the impl...
Jun 25, 2019

Visiting Children Overseas? Here’s A Guide To Staying Happily Occupied

Visiting children overseas? Here are some ideas of how Indian parents can keep themselves ...
Apr 12, 2019

Meet Nivedita Dutt & Ashis Dutta, the Bangalore couple behind the Vote Song

Chalo Chalein, the vote song is Bangalore couple Nivedita Dutt and Ashis Dutta's effort to...
Mar 16, 2019

Hema Sane: Meet The Lady Who Has Been Living Without Electricity For More Than 60 Years

Retired academic and author Dr. Hema Sane, 78, has been living without electricity for the...
Jan 21, 2019

Meet Hari Baskaran: The Senior Citizen Cycling 4000 KM Across India

Hari Baskaran is cycling 4000 kms across India to spread the message of old age care. It's...
Jan 15, 2019

The Tea Seller Couple From Kerala Who Are Following Their Dream To Travel The World

Vijayan and Mohana are the tea seller couple from Kerala who are following their dream to ...
Dec 20, 2018

Did You Know of This Pune Based Dance Program For People with Parkinson’s Disease?

Pune based Hrishikesh Centre for Contemporary Dance has been successfully running a Dance ...

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