Sep 16, 2019

All You Need To Know About A Dementia Care Home

In case you are a dementia care giver and planning to put your loved ones in a dementia ca...
Sep 12, 2019

High Blood Pressure Can Adversely Affect Older Adults. Here’s How

High blood pressure can adversely affect older adults if not diagnosed on time. We speak t...
Aug 29, 2019

This 95-Year-Old Broke Shackles of Society to Take Part in India’s Struggle for Freedom

Meet 95-year-old Parbati Chatterjee from Kolkata who went against the social norms restric...
Aug 23, 2019

All You Need to Know About Sound Healing For Older Adults

Did you know that sound therapy could be an amazing non-invasive way of tackling many age-...
Aug 19, 2019

Finding Your Freedom: How Seniors Can Live An Active & Independent Life

These simple ways can gift you an independent life beating your age. Try them out and live...
Aug 15, 2019

Independence Day Special: Meet HS Doreswamy, 101-Year-Old Freedom Fighter Who Has Seen India Before and After Independence

Did you know about 101-year-old freedom fighter, HS Doreswamy and his contribution to Indi...
Aug 13, 2019

Organ Donation Day: These Super Silvers are Trend-Setters in Gifting a New Life

These seniors have been an inspiration for us to donate organs and save more lives, which ...
Aug 09, 2019

Love Social Media? Here’s How These Older Adults Used It To Their Advantage

Social media can be a great tool in making your silver years more active, productive, conn...
Aug 06, 2019

The Pathbreakers: Meet India’s First Woman Engineer Who Broke All Stereotypes

This is the tale of India's first woman engineer who, with her grit and determination, ach...
Jul 26, 2019

Police Initiatives To Help Senior Citizens In India

Cops have always been a strong support for the senior citizens across country. Find out mo...

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