Nov 30, 2017

Jerry Lewis In A Soup: A Party To Remember

Our reader Arun Bhatia was once at the same party with Hollywood legend Jerry Lewis and wrote the incident down for us. Here'...
Oct 25, 2017

Anarsa: A Newari Delicacy

Here's a recipe for Anarsa, a Newari sweet delicacy prepared especially during Diwali.
Aug 23, 2017

1947: My Mother’s Story

Sunita Bhalerao shares her mother's hair-raising story of escape during Partition.
Aug 17, 2017

Hearing Tryst With Destiny Live On Radio & Other Memories

We have all read about Jawaharlal Nehru’s famous speech Tryst with Destiny in History books. But hearing it live on radio wou...
Jul 02, 2017

Senior Citizens Love Telling Stories. How About Storytelling For Them?

A storytelling session for seniors? Aren’t they the ones supposed to be sharing stories with the younger ones? If the idea s...
Jun 08, 2017

Taken For A Ride: First Visit To Delhi

A trip around Delhi as suggested by a colleague turns out to be a practical joke for our reader. Read on in the right spirit ...
May 26, 2017

Review: Bengali Cooking by Chitrita Banerji

Bengali Cooking: Seasons & Festivals from Rupa Publications is an enjoyable narrative that looks at Bengali cuisine and the h...
Apr 21, 2017

The Art Of Origami

Origami can be a great exercise for the brain and hand eye coordination and can help senior citizens exercise their brain and...
Dec 07, 2016

Avian Outing: Birdwatching In Lalbagh

Silver Talkies organised a birdwatching walk recently with avid birder Subbarao Gopinath. Pushpa Ranganath writes a detailed ...
Oct 07, 2016

Let The Rain Kiss You: Lessons In A Sudden Downpour

A sudden downpour teaches an elderly gentleman a valuable lesson in life.

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