Jul 20, 2017

How Social Games Like Scrabble & Bridge Help Seniors

Social mind games like Scrabble and Bridge can not just keep seniors productively engaged but also improve their cognitive ab...
Oct 29, 2016

Senior Citizens Bangalore – Lighting Up Lives

A group of senior citizens in Bangalore are working towards enriching the lives of students from poorer sections of the socie...
Jun 02, 2016

NRIPA – For The Parents Back Home

The Non Resident Indians Parents Association (NRIPA) in Bangalore serves as an extended family for its members. Here's what t...
May 30, 2016

Essay Writing Competition for 60+

A Chennai based group of senior citizens is conducting an essay writing contest for senior citizens. Last date of submissions...
Apr 28, 2016

Humjoli: Social Network for Seniors

Humjoli, a senior citizens group in Noida, provides a support system for its members, many of whom stay far away from their c...
Mar 21, 2016

A Carnival Celebrating Companionship

Dignity Foundation's Companionship Carnival highlights the importance of a social life, friends and companions for senior cit...
Jan 17, 2016

The Vintage Advantage

The Nightingales Medical Trust and The Nightingales Elder's Enrichment Centre, had their 16th Anniversary Celebration in styl...
May 22, 2015

Banish Blues with Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga sessions are an increasingly common sight around neighbourhood parks and apartment complexes across India. We s...
Mar 31, 2015

A Travel & Adventure Club for Seniors

Members of the 50+Voyagers Travel & Adventure Club have done everything from heritage holidays to river rafting. It's founder...
Feb 16, 2015

A Day of Umang!

Every year in Mumbai, a group of senior citizens come together to celebrate their ‘umang’ or zest for life. They sing, dance,...

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