Aug 01, 2014

Bishnupur – The Terracotta Town

Few across India know of the beautiful terracotta temples of Bishnupur. Our reader Prabir Sen writes about his visit and the ...
Sep 27, 2013

Kanchipuram – The holy city with a historical touch

Many may know Kanchipuram as the abode of Goddess Kamakshi and one of the seven holy cities
Sep 04, 2013

Travel tips for seniors

Travel is fun, eye-opening but also strenuous at times
Apr 03, 2012

To the gates of heaven

Blogger, photographer and avid traveller Deepak Amembal visited a very special place with his wife
Mar 12, 2012

Take a break at Silver Oak Farms

Run by Meera and Praveen Khanna, Silveroak Farms near Nandi Hills, Bangalore, combines a relaxed ambience with great views.
Feb 04, 2012

A walk around Jama Masjid in Delhi on a wintery Friday night

Our reader Sasanka Chakraborty, 69, went out on a walk around Old Delhi in December
Jan 27, 2012

A simpler way of living in Our Native Village

Experience a simpler, more natural way of living at Our Native Village, an eco-retreat in Hessarghatta.
Jan 16, 2012

A holiday at The School Estate, Coorg

The School Estate at Coorg in Karnataka makes for a getaway like no other. We offer you a sneak peek.
Oct 31, 2011

The colours of Kaas

Traveller and avid blogger Deepak Amembal writes about his journey into the land of flowers, Kaas
Aug 08, 2011

My trip to Niagara Falls

Travelled someplace recently? Share your pictures and travel experiences with us here on Silvertalkies.

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