Jul 18, 2013

How to avoid constipation

Constipation is a very common problem among the elderly and an extremely irritable one
Mar 29, 2013

Diet for an elderly diabetic

A diet plan is an essential part of any diabetic's treatment
Diabetes and the elderly
Mar 11, 2013

Diabetes and the elderly

India has 61 million diabetics between 20-79 years according to the International Diabetes Federation
Oct 10, 2012

Food for a healthy heart

A low cholesterol diet is important to keep your heart healthy and active. It's done easily enough with some simple changes i...
Dec 02, 2011

Winter eats

Winter has its own basket of foods that could be beneficial for your health
Nov 14, 2011

The sunshine vitamin

Your bones need Vitamin D for strength. Dr. Nidhi Kumar talks about the importance of this sunshine vitamin for seniors
Sep 19, 2011

Eating Green

A vegetarian diet can meet all your dietary requirements. Just make sure it is a balanced one
Aug 20, 2011

Food after fifty

What's an ideal diet after fifty? Nutritionist Sakshi Chawla comes up with some answers

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