May 25, 2018

Retirees Are Looking For Second Careers. Are Employers Listening?

An increasing number of seniors are looking at second careers post retirement. But are employers listening? We take a look.
Apr 26, 2018

Second Innings Stories: How A Banker Became A Lawyer After Retirement

In Second Innings Stories we share stories of people like Santhosh Kumar, a banker from Kerala, who studied law in his 60s po...
Jan 15, 2018

Second Innings Stories: Working Towards A Cause

Sarla Mukund, an employee with Dignity Foundation, has always believed in working for a cause. At 77, she works eight hour da...
Jan 04, 2018

Second Innings Stories: Finding Your Dream Job In Your 50’s

In our new series, Second Innings Stories, we speak to people who moved into very different roles in and around 50 years of ...
Apr 05, 2017

Bridging the gap: Connecting Senior Citizens & Startups

Dr. Pavan Soni continues the series on connecting senior citizens & startups with an insight into the various roles and areas...
Feb 09, 2017

Entrepreneur Radha Kunke’s Tips For Running A Green Business From Home

Entrepreneur Radha Kunke shares her tips for running a green business from home.
Jan 07, 2017

How Seniors Can Help Startups

Can senior citizens with years of professional experience and expertise provide much needed vision and guidance for startups ...
Dec 24, 2015

Kickstart your Second Career with our Workshop

Presenting the SECOND INNINGS TRANSITION PROGRAMME by Unfold in association with Silver Talkies on December 12, 2015. A great...
Dec 20, 2015

Recharging yourself for a Second Career

The second edition of Unfold-Silver Talkies’ Second Innings Transition Programme brought forth some enlightening conversation...
Jul 24, 2015

Kickstarting a Second Career for Retirees

A workshop on second careers for retirees and 50+ highlights how to discover & approach work opportunities post retirement in...

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