Mar 09, 2020

Meet The 72-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Is Driving India’s Only Zero-Waste ...

Get inspired by the story of 72-year-old Saroja Velan who is the driving force of Eat Raja, India's first zero-waste juice b...
Jun 07, 2018

How Iti Misra Is Cooking Up A Feast In Her Fourth Innings

At 77, Iti Misra has turned her lifelong love for food into a profitable hobby-cum-career. She tells us about enjoying her fo...
May 18, 2018

Rooms to Spare? Here’s Your Step by Step Guide to Running a Homestay

Have your children moved out leaving you lonely in a big empty house? Do you find time hanging on your hands post-retirement?...
Feb 11, 2018

Why Senior Entrepreneur Jayasree Doesn’t Want To Stop Painting Ever

Senior entrepreneur Jayasree Chakraborty of The Sari Show believes in keeping her art alive by refining her work everyday.
Oct 27, 2017

On The Green Path: H.R. Jayaram

Meet lawyer turned organic farmer H.R. Jayaram, who believes in giving back to nature and practices what he preaches.
Aug 15, 2017

A World Of Colours For All Ages At The Art School

Bangalore based The Art School thrives on creativity and colours, much like its founder Rehana Chaudhuri
Mar 07, 2017

From Spices To Pebbles, This Senior Entrepreneur Finds Art Everywhere

Creative senior entrepreneur GS Jayanthi dabbles in myriad art forms, creating innovative designs out of several everyday obj...
Feb 09, 2017

Entrepreneur Radha Kunke’s Tips For Running A Green Business From Home

Entrepreneur Radha Kunke shares her tips for running a green business from home.
Jan 24, 2017

A Magical Medium: Leela Cherian’s Art Quilts

Textile artist Leela Cherian's art quilts are a melange of various kinds of fabric, texture and colours, all coming together ...
Jan 04, 2017

This Mother Daughter Duo Help Women Earn Dignity With BEAD, A Social ...

Manjul Menon runs BEAD, a social enterprise, along with her daughter. Here, in her own words, are the positive lessons runnin...

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