Sep 23, 2016

Silver Startup Myths Busted By Granny’s Inn, Varanasi

The super grannies of Granny's Inn, Varanasi, have proved everyone wrong when it comes to the usual definition of a laid back...
Jun 16, 2016

A Spirited Life: Geeta’s Story

A young widow who struggled hard to raise her children, senior entrepreneur Geeta Chandrashekhar now runs a sari business and...
Jun 05, 2016

All That’s Jazz: Mehdi Niroomand

Mehdi Niroomand, 61, runs Shisha Jazz Cafe, one of the few pure jazz clubs in India and calls it a dream he had long harboure...
May 14, 2016

For The Love Of Crochet

Aruna Pai is a crochet magician. Her designs give traditional crochet a contemporary twist and are spread over doilies, clutc...
Apr 22, 2016

Flying High With Ashok Mehta

Retired Fighter Pilot Ashok Mehta’s venture provides a one of its kind Microlight Flying experience.
Mar 30, 2016

Danny Mehra’s Knotty Love Affair

Danny Mehra's tribal carpet collection is not just unique, it is also a storehouse of magical stories of gypsy women from aro...
Mar 18, 2016

Crafting Blocks & Prints

Shyamala Rao learnt her craft of block printing 24 years ago. Her love for blocks, prints, textiles and passion to teach othe...
Mar 06, 2016

On a song

At 80, senior entrepreneur Nagamani makes a herb-infused oil and has two music albums to her credit. We met her recently and ...
Mar 03, 2016

Knitty Nani’s Creative Yarns

Kaushalya Shroff is a senior entrepreneur in Delhi whose beautiful woollen creations are worth stocking up on!
Feb 26, 2016

Krishna Lal: Eighty & More!

Senior entrepreneur Krishna Lal retired from the National Musuem 22 years ago. At almost 80, she has launched Krishnayan, a s...

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