Apr 09, 2019

Retirement Communities in South India

This is the finale to our three-part series on Retirement Communities/Senior Living Homes in India. In Part 1 of this article...
Mar 07, 2019

The Travel Industry Is Opening Up To 50 Plus Travellers And For Good ...

With the luxury to spend on travel of their choice and time on their hand, 50 plus travellers are making up a large chunk of ...
Jan 23, 2019

Retirement Communities in India: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Tired of running your own house as you grow older? Consider moving to a senior living home or one of the many retirement comm...
Dec 20, 2018

Did You Know of This Pune Based Dance Program For People with ...

Pune based Hrishikesh Centre for Contemporary Dance has been successfully running a Dance Program for people with Parkinson's...
Oct 10, 2018

How This Startup is Empowering Senior Citizens with Technology

Empowerji shows how technology can help senior citizens lead an independent and active life.
Jun 25, 2017

How These Police Initiatives Are Keeping Seniors Safe

Police initiatives for senior citizens across cities like Chennai and few others are aimed at keeping them safe and secure.
Jun 14, 2017

Stop Elder Abuse

Today, June 15, is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Read on to find it what constitutes Elder Abuse and what you could do to ...
Dec 14, 2016

How Elders’ Theatre Workshops Can Benefit Senior Citizens

Elder's Theatre is a unique concept that can offer several health and social benefits for senior citizens. Vijay Padaki and V...
Sep 29, 2016

How Retirement Homes With Social Engagement Opportunities Can Enrich Your ...

A retirement home with social engagement opportunities can be a blessing for many seniors, enhancing the quality of life.
Aug 27, 2016

All About Your Senior Citizen Card

If you are a senior citizen above 60 years living in Bangalore, here are some details on the Senior Citizen Card, with a pers...

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