Jun 25, 2017

How These Police Initiatives Are Keeping Seniors Safe

Police initiatives for senior citizens across cities like Chennai and few others are aimed at keeping them safe and secure.
Oct 07, 2016

Living Alone With Parkinson’s? Here’s An Expert Guide

Managing day to day activities with Parkinson's Disease can be a challenge. Here is an expert guide on how to manage living a...
Sep 03, 2015

Living with Parkinson’s

About 7 million people in India are said to be afflicted by Parkinson's Disease
Jun 09, 2014

A Proof of Support

Suchetadhama is an organisation that aims to create a support network for people with dementia and their caregivers. They la...
Apr 14, 2014

How Support Groups Help – Parkinson’s Disease

A major illness or disorder may require the need of support not just from family and friends but also from others facing a si...
Sep 30, 2012

Champions of a cause: ARDSI

Support and information are of utmost importance when it comes to Alzheimer's Disease
Jun 14, 2012

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

There are several senior citizens who face abuse from their loved ones in some form or the other
Feb 15, 2012

Service for seniors

Nightingales Medical Trust in Bangalore is a name synonymous with elder care. We profile their Center for Ageing and Alzheim...

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