Cool Yule: The Way Of Celebrating Christmas The Santa Way

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Age can never come in the way of Christmas merriment. Here is a happy memory of celebrating Christmas in the shoes of Santa Claus by Arun Bhatia, an 84-year-old Silver Talkies member. 

Christmas is here and it is that time of the year when we eagerly wait for the yum cakes and cookies, the illumined Christmas tree, colourfull balls and jingle bells, the star-shaped chandeliers and of course, Santa Claus with his bag full of gifts. Here is Arun Bhatia, 84-year-old Silver Talkies member, the king of good words and humour and an epitome of active and happy ageing, who has had the chance to play Santa Claus in one of the stores on MG Road Bangalore during 2008 Christmas. He shared his experience as Santa with Silver Talkies and here is all you need to know about the spirit of this octogenarian. And guess what, he is turning 86 in just two months and expects a surprise birthday party from us.

Have you ever taken a selfie with a reindeer? Well, I’ve been lucky enough to, when I played Santa at a store at MG Road. The young assistant playing the reindeer insisted on posing with me, and I was Ho-Ho-happy to oblige!

Then there were the kids. Some of them smiling, but some distinctly uncomfortable — Santa being a new concept, and they not being sure of this old man with a beard and loud laughter. One kid was given two lollipops by me, and he shyly returned one, saying one was enough. Another, however, requested a second lollipop for his little sister, who was at home with grandma.

I got a ringside seat for the carol singing! These enthusiastic Yule revellers were walking along MG Road, spotted the white beard and red suit, and surrounded the man with the big paunch! Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way — (oh what fun it is to be Santa Claus today!)


I was delighted to pose with Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna! This happens only in India!

So — have you been good this year? Will Santa bring you a gift? Ho-ho-hope so!!

Wasn’t that fun to see our young-at-heart silver, Arun Bhatia posing as Santa during Christmas? We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you bask in the festive spirit and start afresh in the new year. Also, do let us know how you are celebrating Christmas this year. We will be happy to share your enticing experience and frame the joyous moment.

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