Cyber Security for 55+

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Silver Talkies hosted a free, interactive talk on Cyber Security for 55+ by Sucheta Upendra.

After an overwhelming response to our workshop, Smartphone training for 55+. We loved our silvers enthusiasm for learning something new. With this, we realised that older adults are becoming more digitally savvy, but with that comes the increased risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime. As a way of giving back to our community, Silvertalkies hosted Cybersecurity for 55+, a FREE INTERACTIVE TALK ON PROTECTING SENIORS AGAINST CYBER CRIMES, by Sucheta Upendra.

Sucheta Upendra is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience. She has also been associated with organisations such as DSCI- Data Security Council of India.

Some of the topics covered were
Password protect for seniors
How to beware of ATM frauds
How to identify emails and messages that look suspicious
How to avoid identity theft online
and lots more

Big Thankyou to our venue sponsor, Vatsalya Dental.

ATM frauds was one of the key topics covered to protect and educate our silvers

Sucheta educates our silvers on how Cybersecurity is about risk reduction

The greatest generation happy after learning how to use technology and how to trust it

For more pictures, visit our Facebook page Cyber Security for 55+: March 2018 and  Cyber Security for 55+ : May 2018

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