Fabric Recycling Workshop For Senior Citizens

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Silver Talkies hosted a Fabric Recycling workshop for Senior Citizens by Revastra at Bloom & Grow . 

As part of our events, we try to bring together people with diverse interests and enhance their skills. It goes a long way towards forging friendships, sharing creativity and building bonds. Something just like that happened at our Fabric Recycling workshop held at Bloom & Grow, Koramangala, Bangalore. The workshop was the brainchild of Bhavana Pingali, a crafter and fashion consultant and writer, who runs Revastra, a slow fashion label that is looking at upcyling & recyling in various ways 

Event: Fabric Recycling Workshop For Senior citizens

Date: February 28, 2017. 

Venue : Bloom and Grow 

In this picture, senior attendees of our Fabric Recycling Workshop For Senior Citizens, held atBloom & Grow, Koramangala yesterday, pose with their upcycled bags and folders, with Bhavana Pingali Datta who held the workshop for us. As we were joking, between us we covered most of Bangalore with participants coming from Bannerghatta Road, Banashankari, Sarjapur Road and North Bangalore. Thank you all!


Why a recycling workshop?
Reusing and recycling is something that comes naturally to many a silver we know. So we decided to get some of them together with the creative souls at Revastra, a slow fashion label that redesigns, repurposes and upcycles old sarees & dupattas in an effort to reduce fabric excess. All their products, packaging, tags, and tokens are made from recycled textile.



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