Five Unconventional Sari Draping Styles You Can Try At Any Age

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Ever wondered if you could drape your sari in ways other than the traditional drape? Of course, you can! If you are in a mood to experiment with style this wedding season, here are some unconventional sari draping styles to flaunt! The wedding season is here and so is the rush to pick the best possible saree and flaunt nine yards of grace. However, everyone wants to dress unique and look different from the crowd. And everyone wants something new and interesting from the same old wardrobe. Instead of going shopping, why not try making a new outfit from your good old saree? Sounds interesting? Well, it is doable by styling the saree in a variety of ways. Wondering if it would suit your silver years? Here’s Aparna Viplov Rao, a saree enthusiast and stylist (and also the gorgeous lady in the pictures below) who likes mixing the traditional old wisdom with her modern sensibilities and tries to keep this timeless garment relevant and fun, with her bold and boho draping styles that are appropriate for all ages.

Belt style: It is one of the simplest ways to bring a very different look to your saree. Drape it in the regular, usual way as you always do. All you need to add is a belt that cinches your pallu at the waist. You will be perfectly ready for a casual brunch.

Tie & high: This drape is simply tied a bit high to show your heels. In case you have a knee-length dress and a saree with a border that matches the colour of the dress, you can wear the dress instead of a usual blouse. Sans petticoat and the saree tied high paired with the dress, you will look super trendy for an evening party or cocktail dinner.

Look Who’s (Always) Wearing The Pants: Want a very unique look at a wedding reception? There is nothing to worry at all. Wear it in the dhoti or pants style as many of our ancestors did and pin it up well with a full-sleeve skin-tight top. Pair it with a lot of silver jewellery and you will look dashing.

Let It Loose: Pair it with a loose top. Looking for a casual day look with a lot of colour and uniqueness? A regular draped saree with a colourful, loose top can make your day perfect. Pair it up with junk earrings and a big bindi. All eyes will be on you.

The Kurta Becomes Her: Tired of wearing kurtas with leggings? Now, wear it with a saree. Go for the usual drape, loosen up your pallu a little and style it with a kurta. You will look simply wow and stunning. Carry a heavy necklace and traditional slippers.

In case you are a saree lover and want to slay a variety of styles of your favourite sarees, these five easy-to-do tips will help you rock any occasion, be it a friendly get-together or a casual office day or a wedding reception? So, why wait? Style your saree just the way you want. Own your style. Age no bar!

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