Meet our Supergirl: Reena Fernandes, 60

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In our series of featuring inspiring super silvers, we are super kicked to feature our high energy supergirl Reena Fernandes who shows us how age is just a number and if there is anything you have to count, count how to find ways to add magic and colour to your everyday life.

Reena Fernandes, 60, loves to travel, be her own reason to smile and zip past the city roads on her motorcycle.

At a recently held Silver Talkies event, Reena Fernandes walks around to check if everyone has a ride back home and even stays back to chat with another participant and keep her company until her cab arrived, despite the clouds opening up and the rain waiting to clog the traffic and roads. Reena then hops onto her bike, helmet in place and enjoys the steady drizzle as she zips past the Bangalore traffic to head home.

Here is a girl who truly enjoys the rain, life and builds her own rainbow.

Reena always arrives and leaves in style

“I worked as the Deputy Director of the India regional office of the Dutch company called Hivos for twenty years. Hivos is a Dutch acronym which in English translates to Humanistic Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries. I took early retirement in 2011 to care for my aging parents and follow my dreams –volunteer for causes close to my heart and do budget travels,” she says.

Reena loves to backpack and travel solo whenever she can. “I have covered 33 countries, learned about their food and culture, made new friends and continue to live my life on my own terms and to its fullest.”

Striking a pose with a security guard in Masai Mara, Kenya

And here’s something that really got our attention! Reena has never had to spend on her stay in any of the countries because she has made so many good friends over her working years and through her travels; they open their doors and let her have a safe and comfy stay at their homes. She returns the favor when any of her friends visit Bangalore, India. Win-win!

Though Reena loves to travel solo and enrich herself with new experiences, she has also traveled with her daughter on a few occasions. “Though we travel together we discover places at our own pace and things of interest and avoid being a pile on, on each other. We set out to explore the city and agree to meet again at a common point!” Now that surely gives us some awesome mother-daughter travel goals.

Reena and her daughter did an archipelago cruise in Sweden and another on the beautiful coastline of Norway

This young-at-heart girl is generous in spirit too. A believer in Organ Donation, Reena has pledged her mortal remains for the cause of advancement in Science. Her own mother’s eyes were also donated. She wishes to spread this message among other older adults.

Apart from believing in a cause, traveling and making new friends, she also continues to retain a close bond with her childhood friends.

Class reunion 2017 Mangalore- More than 40 of her classmates met in their school donning their school uniforms and colors.

Back to school – At the Grand reunion of class X 1974 batch after 43 years

This September she jet sets to Reunion Island, a French island located in Mauritius. After Mauritius Reena will be joined by two of her childhood friends in Morocco to ring in her birthday.

Reena urges all our silvers out there to “Be your own silver lining.”

Note: The photograph in the featured image above is one of her favorite pictures from her travels, where she has a motorcycle pilot in rural Kenya as her pillion. He was very happy and proud that a woman from a faraway land is riding his bike and he could sit back as a pillion rider for a change!

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