Pankajam Balasundaram, Creative Journeys

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Our Silver Hall of Fame initiative is to honour inspiring senior citizens or organisations working with them. It’s our small way of recognizing those who defy their age in many ways and those who work towards bringing about a change in a much neglected area. This month we chose Pankajam Balasundaram, a feisty septuagenerian who has never let odds dampen her spirit, be it her thoracic cancer or eighty percent loss of vision in her one eye. Her zeal for life is infectious and inspiring. When we met her in 2011 she was learning freezing techniques and tailoring. Today she is giving lessons on bonsai craft art through her Facebook pagePankaj Creative Crafts where she has a loyal following and students. You too can learn the art from her by watching the vidoes on her page. She became the poster girl of our event Anandam last year with her energetic Zumba moves.

We presented Pankajam Balasundaram vouchers from our sponsoring partner Goodhands

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