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As part of Silver Talkies Events, Silvertalkies presented Play with Clay, a handcrafted pottery workshop by Karishma Iyer for our club members at L&T South City. 

As part of Silver Talkies Events, Silvertalkies presents Play with clay, a handcrafted pottery workshop by Karishma Iyer curated especially for members of the Silvertalkies Club, South City chapter.

About the Workshop :
Handcrafted pottery is an art of making pots, clay artifacts and decoratives using the hand building methods of pinching, coiling and slab.These are made completely with hands without using any wheel or equipment. In this experiential workshop, the participants learned how to make a decorative pot using the coiling method. With Summer holidays around our silvers brought their cheerful grandkids along and had a fun morning playing with clay.

About the artist :
Karishma Iyer is a Bangalore based artist. She runs a pottery studio named ‘Karishma’s Art Space’ on Bannerghatta road and regularly conducts pottery and clay workshops. She is also a performing artist specialising in Odissi and Indian classical dance form.

Molding a new masterpiece

Coiling away

For more pictures, see our FB album Play With Clay by Karishma Iyer


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