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Aashwasan Foundation aims to offer a holistic understanding of the body, mind and soul to heal physical and mental ailments. Reshmi Chakraborty spoke to them to know more.

Vaidehi Srinivasan, a lady in her late 60’s was struggling with knee pain, joint pain, had digestive issues and increased sugar levels. She felt disturbed and dissatisfied because she hadn’t received much in return even though she had devoted her life to her children. “My mother had tried out several Ayurvedic treatments for her ailments, before she came to Aashwasan,” says her daughter, Vidya. As she took healing sessions at Aashwasan her pain started to disappear and she felt more energetic. She started accepting her life, felt calmer and is more content. “In over a year’s time substantial mental and physical changes were visible”, her daughter adds. Like Vaidehi Srinivasan, several elderly folks have benefited from Aashwasan.

Rajalakshmi, a 63 year old lady was critical as the blood flow to her left ventricle was completely blocked. According to her daughter, she was helped with healings that enabled her body to receive and respond to the treatment completely. Her complete recovery has made doctors call this as a medical miracle.

Rashmi Aiyappa taking a group session at Aashwasan

Rashmi Aiyappa taking a group session at Aashwasan

Founded by spiritual scientist and inventor Rashmi Aiyappa in 2005,  Aashwasan uses Rashmi’s inborn knowledge of Lifeforce Mechanism and Timeless Phenomenon, both trademarked by the organisation, to heal people and transform lives. According to the organisation, Rashmi experiences the complete cause and effect cycle of a human life and witnesses its manifestation at physiological, psychological and spiritual levels.  She has invented tools and techniques to offer her inborn knowledge as solutions to address issues at the root cause levels bringing repeatable, continuous and sustained results at preventive, curative, coping and palliative levels. Aashwasan offers these tools and techniques as services to people as holistic solutions bringing optimal health and wellbeing, happiness and hope.

Rashmi was born with a unique understanding of human beings and has always seen them as energy systems. According to her, every human being has a life force energy that helps their body and mind to perform. Rashmi’s offers her inventions through her channels or healers who are enabled to access the tools and techniques and render them as services. One of the tools and techniques that are offered at Aashwasan is called Lifeforce Healing that initiates the process of reversal by addressing the root cause at body, mind and soul level. According to a practitioner, healing has been very beneficial for elderly with physiological, psychological and emotional challenges. This helps an individual to accept their life, let go of the unresolved aspects of their past and embrace life with grace.

A practitioner at Aashwasan says that their services have been extremely beneficial not just for corporates, special needs children and others but also for many senior citizens like Vaidehi. “The root cause always has to do with our experiences and how we have lived our life,” she says, adding that most elderly people who visit Aashwasan have health issues and have benefitted from the experience there.

According to the practitioner, Ashwasan science is a preventive one. “Your body is driven by your experiences and it is these experiences that have to be resolved,” she adds. Vidya, who applies these methodologies to several aspects of her life, including in the healing of her immensely talented son with special needs says, “Now if I get an acidity I just go back to a few days ago and see what has caused it and start accepting that. One there is acceptance, the effects are immediatly visible.”

According to the organisation, Aashwasan has achieved  unprecedented breakthroughs in 29 areas of health including degenerative conditions, psychiatric, psychological and emotional concerns, lifestyle stress concerns, organ and systemic dysfunctionality related issues among others.

The healers at Aashwasan claim that like any science, the tools and techniques used here are also replicable, repeatable and can be applied to all. They feel that this science is not only beneficial in the area of health and wellbeing but also in the areas of environmental health, education, awareness, social issues, corporations and empowerment of the underprivileged. They term Aashwasan Science as spiritual in origin, scientific in approach and experiential in its outcome.

Whether you are believer in the power of energy or trying to wrap your mind around the idea, let’s say amen to that.

For more on Aashwasan, please visit http://www.aashwasan.org/index.html

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