Senior-Friendly NYE Activity Ideas For a Gala Greeting of New Year

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Here are some exciting senior-friendly activity ideas that can gift you a grand New Year’s Eve. 

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and if you are wondering what you can do to make year ending and the greeting of the New Year a happy and memorable one, here is a list of ideas that can help you plan your New Year’s Eve the most perfect way. And guess what, you need not go through the tantrums of planning for a trip but can sit at the comfort of your home and enjoy the gala night. Gear up for a wonderful night and enjoy it.

Prepare a temporary photo booth and go down the memory lane: Have friends and family come over and create a photo booth together for your guests. Get New Year’s Eve props from a nearby party store, or else, make them all by yourselves. That too is a lot of fun. With a steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate and some yum cakes and cookies, look back at the photos and recapitulate all the memories that you have created throughout the year with your loved ones. This may not only bring you closer to your friends and family but may also amp up your emotional and mental health. So, what are you waiting for? Start prepping up from today.

Play the resolution game: The New Year is here and how can you skip your New Year resolutions? As we all know, age is nothing but a number and your new year resolutions will only add to the charm of your silver years. Make yourself a promise for the New Year and let your friends guess it. Write down one resolution on a chit of paper and ask your friends to do the same. Then, put all the chits into a box or a jar. Make one of your friends read each resolution out loud while the rest can guess who wrote the resolution. Such fun activities may not just stimulate your brains but will also allow you to socialise with others. And as we all know, being socially active adds to the overall well-being of older adults and can prevent isolation, one of the concerning issues that most seniors face in their silver years.

Spend NYE the art way: Get your friends at home and arrange for an art and craft evening. If you are an art addict, well and good, if not, indulge in the craft session for a day. Make anything that your heart says matching the occasion, be it paper clocks or hats or flutes and noisemakers or colourful paper necklaces. You end up in not only decking up your home for the New Year or making necklaces for the guests at your New Year party but also boost brain health, enhance the skill in performing tasks and get the opportunity of interacting with others. Experts say crafts play a vital role in keeping your mind happy and mentally active which is a perfect sign of healthy ageing.

Have the Happy New Year Match Game On: If you are living in a metropolitan city, this game can be really exciting. Do a little bit of online research and learn how people from other states say ‘Happy New Year’ in a different language and learn it. Then invite different language speaking guests and try making them learn to say ‘Happy New Year’ in a new language. Also, you can prepare a template with different sayings and have guests that match the language. You end up learning multiple new languages this way or at least give it a start on New Year’s Eve. As suggested by experts, such games can help you overcome age-related cognitive challenges and also make your brain sharp and alert, boost memory and ward off dementia or Alzheimer’s.

An in-house party with your grandchildren: Do you miss your grandkids? Then, why not brighten up your New Year’s Eve with their presence? Arrange for a house party and invite your grandchildren, along with your friends and their friends as well. Spend some quality time with them, tell them tales of your childhood, dance, sing and recite with them, play with them, prepare some delicious and healthy dishes and enjoy with them. An ongoing German survey has found that seniors living with their grandchildren and spending more time with the lovelies are better equipped to fight isolation. Make this New Year’s Eve a special one with your grandkids and have a blast.

We hope these ideas help you to spend New Year’s Eve with your loved ones and with loads of excitement and fun. Let us hope for a more cherishing, fulfilling, active and healthy 2020 as we bid goodbye to 2019. Wishing one and all a very Happy New Year in advance.

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