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As part of Silver Talkies Events, Silvertalkies hosted a Smartphone Photography workshop for seniors conducted by TGIS, Thank God It’s Saturday.
Many senior citizens are keeping in touch with modern times and put modern technologies to good use. Our super silvers are always game to educate themselves further and stay updated with technology but are not immune to troubles that come hand in hand with it. As simple as using their smartphones to click pictures but struggling with holding their phone right, adjusting the brightness, avoiding covering the lens or even staying stuck with loads of pictures but having no clue how to share them with their loved ones. Silvertalkies Smartphone Photography Workshop for seniors was hosted to help them learn how to make smart use of their smartphone to capture all that intrigues them along with tips, advice, and apps to use to create photographic masterpieces using just their smartphone. This workshop was conducted by TGIS, an exclusive group of photographers, who pursue their collective love for photography

Volunteers helping seniors navigate through their phone settings

Seniors learn a few tricks of the trade

Focussed on the focal point


For more pictures, see our FB album Smartphone Photography For Seniors

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