Silver Talkies Features In A Story About Danny Mehra, The Only Known Tribal Carpet Collector In India In New Indian Express

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Mehra, an avid collector of unique, antique carpets, has been sourcing his carpets for the last 30 years from different corners of the world and treasuring the traditional craftsmanship from the nomadic tents of several tribes.

The first thing we notice when we enter Danny Mehra’s house is carpets. On the wall, stacked on the floor and on antique pieces of furniture. The second thing we notice, or rather they notice us, are two dogs with tails that don’t stop wagging. If the woven fabrics everywhere wasn’t a dead giveaway of Mehra’s hobby, the names of the two dogs – Luri and Tulu – sure is. “Tulu is a type of carpet from central Turkey and Luri is a tribe in Northern Iran that weaves carpets,” says the carpet collector, who will exhibit select pieces from his collection in Delhi in October.

Mehra also conducts sessions with Silver Talkies, an engagement platform for those aged 55 and above, where he aims to ‘demystify’ facts about carpets, like identifying tribal and formal carpets and the difference between natural and chemical dyes….

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