Aug 15, 2018

Meet Aanchal Malhotra: The Girl Documenting Material Memories From The Subcontinent’s Shared Past

Aanchal Malhotra is documenting our subcontinent's shared past with her book and digital m...
Jun 07, 2018

How Iti Misra Is Cooking Up A Feast In Her Fourth Innings

At 77, Iti Misra has turned her lifelong love for food into a profitable hobby-cum-career....
May 18, 2018

Rooms to Spare? Here’s Your Step by Step Guide to Running a Homestay

Have your children moved out leaving you lonely in a big empty house? Do you find time han...
May 03, 2018

India’s Ageing Population Is Struggling With Loneliness But Help is Available

India’s ageing population is struggling with loneliness and becoming disconnected from its...
Mar 07, 2018

How Geeta Ramanujam Revived The Art Of Storytelling

Storyteller Geeta Ramanujam has been synonymous with the revival of storytelling and its a...
Jun 08, 2017

Taken For A Ride: First Visit To Delhi

A trip around Delhi as suggested by a colleague turns out to be a practical joke for our r...
May 26, 2017

Review: Bengali Cooking by Chitrita Banerji

Bengali Cooking: Seasons & Festivals from Rupa Publications is an enjoyable narrative that...
Apr 28, 2017

Kishori Amonkar: The Voice That Stayed True

Legendary Hindustani classical vocalist Kishori Amonkar passed away recently, leaving a hu...
Nov 12, 2016

Silvers At Work: Pune Senior Citizens On Charitable Missions

From helping village women earn a living to waste management initiatives, these Pune senio...
Jul 05, 2016

Mita Banerjee & The Miracle of Teamwork

Mita Banerjee is the energetic soul behind Team Miracle, the social support group in Pune,...

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