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This month, The Silver Hall of Fame honours a group of retired teachers, engineers and researchers, who are the force behind Vidnyanvahini, an effort to spread knowledge on wheels! The group teaches science to rural school children through experiments in their Mobile Science Lab. Vidnyanvahini is a non-profit organization and was founded in 1995 by returning NRIs Pushpa and Dr. Madhukar Deshpande. Both took early retirement from their teaching positions in USA to start this project, mobilizing a group of volunteers with similar interests in science and education. From seven members, the team has now grown to over 25 and their passion to teach science to students in rural areas remains the same. From Maharashtra to the North East, they have explored the length and breadth of the country for sure!
We salute this dedicated team of retired science enthusiasts and their zeal to spread knowledge in remote corners. To know more about their work or contribute, you can visit their website

Silver Talkies presented a voucher for audio books sponsored by to the Vidnyanvahini Team.

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